Steak pie , Greek? mash and peas.. 

It’s beginning to feel a lot like ..  (Well you know the rest right?🎄)..

Not in the twinkly festive feel.. More the darn cold!! 

So that’s when pie is needed.. And quick fix pie at that.. 

Excellent steak and mushroom pie from the butchers in earls barton.. They do make exceedingly good pies.. Young butcher tommy eats them cold.. 

I prefer ours heated in t’oven.. 

While dirty potatoes are peeled and boiled with two fat French Cloves of garlic.. 

Mashed up with fine olive oil, a smudge of butter, dried oregano, flaky sea salt and white pepper.. 

And peas.. It just has to be canned French petit pois.. My attorneys favourite! 


And there you have the quickest easiest.. Really tasty wintery supper..  I like a shake of sarsons on my peas.. 

Check out the pie filling too.. Delicious!

And a couple of satsumas for pudding.. Well it is almost Christmas right? 😏

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