Chicken tikka supper

those Indian adventures are still ticking away in our memories.. 

And that afternoon cooking with chef in the aravalli hills reminded me of the wonderful murgh tikka we made together.. 

So followed suit.. With tandoori spices from the Shan family.. Ginger garlic paste , paprika and zero fat strained yoghurt.. ( that’s about as close as I can get!


Mixed up and good chicken breast chopped and mixed into this orangey delight! Didn’t want to add any red colour.. Need to get ahold of some of that mild chilli pepper.. I think I know where I can score some.. 

Into the fridge for a few hours.. Then skewered up..


That’s cooked straight on the bars of the oven.. Hot! With just a bit of cooking paper underneath to catch the drips.. (They get rolled in those drippings after..). 

Some of these part cooked reduced roast potatoes.. Chopped up a bit and curry leaves added..

Some popadoms roasted on the gas flames.. Bryant yoghurt mixed with podina , some coriander relishy stuff as well..


Tasty tasty.. If only we had a tandoor..  

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