Garlic and black bean pork chops, with salad, starch free supper  

starch free supper? Huh? Pretty simple really just no starch.. Why? Well for some reason I just wanted meat and the salad appeared as I suppose I better have more than just meat.. 

The meat though is lovely! 

Loin chops.. Rubbed all over with garlic and black bean sauce.. You know the variety.. The one that is used all over the world.. It’s fantastic.. In fact all of their products are fantastic.. Ok I have absolutely no idea what to do with quite a number of them.. Must make that a thing for 2016.. More understanding of lee Kum kee ( @lkkeurope , @leekumkeeusa , @lkkkitchen ) products .. As they’ve really are fantastic ( did I say that already!?!?).. 


Here’s those chops.. 


They need as long as you can give them really.. I also slip slipped a few drops of sesame oil.. For extra flavour.. It dies make a difference!

Simply fried off ..In the iron pan on quite a high heat.. It doesn’t take long.. Make sure the fat gets crispy though.. 

 And this was my plate of delicious pork chops.. With addition of some low salt soy sauce.. 


And then I had to add salad.., 


Still it means that I have delicious leftovers!  

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  1. Those chops look delicious. What a terrific idea.

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