Char Sui style fried rice thingy 

I really like char Sui..  What I don’t like (or really trust to be honest) is 

A: the quality of the pork

B: the tincy amount you seem to get given.. 

And I think I prefer it with belly rather than butt also.. 

So here it is.. The red mix from the Chinese super warehouse has no nasties in it .. With addition of pineapple juice , as we know pineapple and pork are jolly good pals..

The belly pork chopped small as I want full on char Sui flavour.. 

Into the marinade then into a ziplock overnight..

Well here you go.. You can see it here right?


Then onto a baking tray when brought back up to room temperature.. And into the oven turning a couple of times to get nice and crisp .. 

Cool huh? This gives me lots of knarly porky nuggets to keep all for myself.. Well almost.  

What it will do is provide great snacking opportunities as well as playing the starring role in a few dishes.. 

The first being the fried rice number..

Pork and green onions fried hard..


Adding in fresh made veg rice., (I make this every day for the hounds)., and adding an egg.. 

Sizzle sizxle swoosh swoosh .. Adding manis and light soy..


And it’s complete.. 

And it’s darn delicious! With far more porky bits than you would ever get from a take out or restaurant .. Well the ones I have ever tried any ways.. 

So there’s you have it.. Char Sui fried rice .. Easy quick and yummy doodle dooo.. 

Oh.. And a rasberry magnum for pudding. 




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  1. Hi Mr. F. I only realise now that you post. I have followed and look forward to reading your stuff. From the quick look I have had, I think I will like it.

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