Thanksgiving Goose sausages (Canadian geese)

I got given a pair of Canadian geese.. is that enough for a gaggle? Been waiting on these.. and happy to receive them.. from my pal Chris.. that’s him aholdin them up..

Now the Canadian goose is not my favourite.. and far far away from the dometic goose that will smoke your oven out yet produce enough grease for you to swim the French channel!! X

Took the breasts out and some thigh.. decided against a full boning out.. there was enough meat to play with… a lot of very lean irony red flesh.. hmmmm gonna need some fat..

Have a store of great back fat and some trim from my pal in Earls Barton.. found it in the deep freeze.. have added.. ok.. I admit in.. wasn’t in the mood for weighing things out!

Minced it all together.. adding some pinhead rusk.. iced water and seasonings.. and a darn good glug of Fig Delice from corsica.. will it help? Dunno!! Should add a sweetness of sorts??

Into softened hog cases.. twisted up.. gonna lightly poach them first.. then good for browning off easy.. even being able to take skins off if you fancy..

They look good.. very good.. and quite happy with my strings.. they are blooming in the fridge as I write..

Just ready for Thanksgiving gifts.. sorry My Canadian friends.. you are missing two more geese.. x

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