Beef and marrow bone stew, mrs Middleton’s pimped up oil street style

‎It’s time for stew.. feels like snow.. smells like snow.. yet you know when the sky seems far too cold to drop it’s payload?

That’s now.. the daags are even huddling up.. and the heating in the house has to run on..

Gone for the stew.. doing it thing in the magic oven and melding together just great!

With a garlic bread..punctured like a street kid.. driZzeld with pimped up mrs Middleton’s oil..

man this just works.. ‎a few pints.. some vino blanco for Mrs Fitz.. and a good hearty stew.. frickin valium baby x if only the ramones discovered pressure cooker stew huh!!! X

That’s all I got.. it’s kicking in… gods bless grand designs huh? x

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