Pressure cooked sticky Chinese ribs

This is a great way of cooking ribs from Jack.. the pressure cooker really is a marvel!
Hi. Well here we go again.

I have lots of pork ribs in the freezer so need to use them up. I always use my pressure cooker to cook my ribs but have always put the ribs in the basket keeping them out of the liquid.

This time I thought I would try cooking them directly in the liquid but create the liquid by using a combination of sauce and marinade ingredients, topping up the liquor with enough stock as required to pressure cook.

So here is what I did:

I defrosted the ribs on the black magic trays and put to the side.

I poured some chicken stock into the pressure cooker and added five spice powder, soy sauce, brown sugar, chopped garlic, rice wine and a couple of glugs of Grand Marnier.

Stirred it continuously until the sugar was dissolved.

I then added the ribs to the pot, put the lid on, brought it up to pressure and cooked it for 12 mins.

I then removed the ribs and reduced the sauce till it was the right consistency, returned the ribs, heated it through and served it with some parsley.

The best ribs ever. No need to roast, grill or BBQ!!!!!

Three cheers for the pressure cooker.

Hip hip hooray!!

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