Kebob kebab gyros & goose sausages

‎Call it what you like!!

When you have the most delightful Mr Fitz gourmet wholesome meat to hand.. then you know you are onto a winner.. a proper winner!!

Served stuffed into those warbuton pitta halves.. they are tremendous.. light.. yet tasty.. not heavy at all..

A salad of mixed radishes, purple carrots, scallions, baby plum tommys, chopped lettuce.. wonderful!

A sauce of the secret recipe.. milk, ketchup, mint sauce, lemon juice and chilli.. trust me this is an Absolutely spot on sauce!! It is perfect for the kebab..

Build the beast.. snaffle.. enjoy x

I must say Mr Fitz kebob meat is the business!!

Also poached and packed the goose sausages.. lightly poached for 15 minutes‎.. cooled.. easy as it so freakin cold outside!! And vac-packed.. good for at least a month.. cool!

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