Salt and pepper chicken wings 

who doesn’t like chicken wings? Ok apart from Mrs Fitz.. 

Well I like them.. All kinds.. There is something primeval about eating them.. 

These were foraged from the depths of the top deep freezer.. Last April they were bought on red ticket. Free range organic jobs.. The wings do need to be from good decent chickens.. Ones that have flapped a bit at least

First a marination of fruit vinegar, soy and hit and spicy chicken fry mix..


Then baked.. Deep fried wings re indeed excellent yet decided on a bake as these really are excellent wings.. 

Baked for about twenty five minutes..

Then tumbled in green onions, sesame seeds a drop of sesame oil and this new salt and pepper  seasoning I picked up through the google gods.. I actually went to them for powdered soy sauce.. Got some of that too.. Can’t wait to try it out!

They smell the business!

 And taste superb!!


Looking forward to having some lovely porky ribs .. You gotta love Chinese salt and pepper flavours.. 

They rock!  

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  1. I absolutely love wings and these look delicious. Interesting seasoning, you come up with some intriguing mixes. Wish your source wasn’t so far away.

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