Mutton leg Keema extra, flame roti’s 

keema.. Wonderful.. To be honest any ground meat dish is really quite nice.. Yet let’s make sure it’s good meat though right?.. It makes all the difference! And not the scraps.. ( although hey they have a place in my heart .. well stonach!).. 

This is some own home cranked minced mutton leg.. 

Fried with red onions, garlic and ginger paste, carrots.. Peas and potatoes.. and flavours by the Shan family.. They really are my ‘go-to’ for anything like this.. 

Water added.. And bubbled away until all the water goes.. Mrs Fitz prefers her keema this way.. 


As this really is a one pot wonder .. That really should read a one pot WONDERFUL!! ahem.. 

The breads made so so simply.. Water, flour, olive oil and salt.. Into a dough .. Into balls.. Rolled out.. It really is such a simple process.. 

Cooked on the iron plate then straight into the gas flames to get the puff.. Mind your fingers!! 

A drop of sour cream is all this needs… 

And of course a poppadom! 😏

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  1. I love rotis. My husbands family is Carribean so got introduced to these in Barbados a few years back. Wish we had a Carribean restaurant locally!

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  2. I see you still aim to please. Your food pics always look scrumptious.

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