Use up supper 

I love a good use up supper.. 

A chance to have small bites of those lovely leftovers.. 

We had some of that great belly pork leftover .. 


Fried off with no oil in uncle bens wok that was spot on..

And we had chicken.. The lamb rib curry thingy.. And also some Karson saag  with spuds .. Added some peas to that.. 
And extra breads to go with.. 

With fenugreek added..
This is that bread that has the same weight of yoghurt to flour.. A pinch of salt too..

Into balls.. 


And rolled out and cooked on the iron pan then rubbed with some of that great homemade jersey butter ..


A great tasting use up supper.. 

 Oh! And with some of those poppadoms too of course.. Gods bless Tupperware ! Keeps things good and fresh.. 


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  1. Fitz, here’s a link to the sourdough starter tutorial that Selma sent me in the mail with her flakes. It’s from Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

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