A lovely day making ‘Michelin starred’ sausages …

isn’t it great when you can share a passion? And particularly when that passion is for fine foodstuffs? 

I got invited by Ben to pop down to their small school farm and make kielbasa .. Ok.. So that’s the ‘generic’ name for polish sausage.. Yet this was bens recipe. 

First the meats.. Wagyu beef.. That fine example of the ultimate? Of beefs.. And some great long black pigs from the school farm.. 

The seasonings very simple.. I won’t write it just in case it’s like a coca cola or colonels affair! 


All squished up good.. 

  Squish squish squish..  
And of course putting the world to rights at the same time! 

 Turn into the super sausage stuffer.. Hog casings.. 


Tied off at various lengths .. 

These are pretty serious sausages .. They are going to be boiled then hot smoked.. And will end up at a very fancy pants place.. Paris house restaurant in Woburn .. I believe to be featured on the new champagne terrace.. 


Cool huh?

Well we made like 14 kilos.. 


It was a great morning!  


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11 replies

  1. I love reading about all of your meat making adventures. Happy FF 🙂

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  2. Now that’s more like you… we’re talking SAUSAGES here. I’ll tell you what, I miss the English sausages, used to live them and chipolatas when I lived there. I’ll be there in October visiting my folks, and they all know to leave me sausages in the fridge when I first arrive. Thanks for stopping by the Fiesta. Happy weekend!

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  3. OMG! I don’t know what to say … can you bring a friend next time you go sausaging? I’d even grow a beard for the occasion.

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  4. You are the sausage king. Congratulations on the feature in the restaurant.

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  5. love the happy photos of you and sausage king further down though

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  6. passion is good – the photo however, hm, like a close up of a francis bacon painting or schoolgirls legs in shorts without tights in cold weather – blue pink and grey – overall not inducing a sausage craving on this side of the water, although I am sure the sausages were lovely as always

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