Anthem of the seas

Is it some kinda song? Nope ..

It’s a new ship.. And a big one too! The third largest in the world I am told.. 


And I got invited along to the pre-inaugural  launch… 

So off along I pop. .. Now I am not great with this kind of thing.. I like hotels more.. Yet this intrigues me.. As its a floating hotel/shopping mall/resort? 

 Well anyhooo let’s eat! (That’s what it’s all about ? ).. 

Now I started using periscope , you know that new broadcast thingy from Twitter .. And where better to live broadcast than on-board something the world has not seen.. (By the way my Twitter and periscope is @mrfitzcooks 👍🏼).. It seemed to go well .. Lots of people joining in from around the world and asking stuff I was walked the length and breadth of this ship.  Thing is though it meant I actually didn’t get many photos.. As I was too busy playing presenter! Oops! 

I got some though. 

We set sail.. 


And I set off to explore.. 

There are many places to eat.. I did try most of them.. (They were all doing sample menus so that was cool..).. 

Wonderland was good although not filling.. 


Lovely over the top decor though!! 

Silk was where I took a ‘proper’ meal .. 



The decor inside was very nice indeedee.. And the veal tasty tasty .. 


The company I was with and the ‘newness’ of everything meant it wasn’t that appropriate to take photos.. Shame really.. Ho-hum .. 

I like this beer though.. Very nice..wish I had taken a shot of the delightful snacks too.. Think crispy pigs ears.. Belly pork bites, falafel bites.. That sort of affair.. 


I do wonder what makes a pub genuine??? A pubs a pub no? 

Umm what else?? Hmmmm ..ahh! 


Chicken kebab.. With a weird chimchurri salsa .. Good chicken though.. 

Now I have to apologise for not rely having anything else to show you you.. Ooh ohh! Yeah a show too.  (They have a few yet this one had robots..)


And you have to love robots.. They had a robot bar too.. You place your order via an iPad .. Choose anything you want and how you want it.. The robot arms whizz and whir.. Shaking and stirring .. Before poring and sliding the drink down to you.. Quite cool.. Although with an average wait time of around 12 minutes for a drink it really was quicker to go visit one of the many other bars.. 

So overall? Am sure if you dig cruising then this would’ve amazing .. I have to say I dont think it’s for me..    


Good to see it though.. 



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  1. Haha. They can’t fuck with the chimmichurri 🙂

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