Chicken thrice .. 

Huh? Chicken thrice? 

Yup three dishes, one chicken in the leading role.. 

Sitting comfortably? 

Then let’s press play! 🎬

As I stated with this its one chickens adventure into three meals.. Well six really I suppose as each fed two.. 

First outing was two meals.. 

One the roast chicken with sweet purple potatoes , mixed veg,mixed herbs,French garlic ,rice..and.. 





Yup biscuits.. 

This was dinner for the hounds! 


Clean bowls on that one! 

For us? We had a simple affair of chips first crinkle sliced.. 


The boiled for five minutes in water, malt vinegar , bay and peppercorns… 


Dried off on the rack and sprinkled with pimento.. 


Fried off in Mrs middletons ‘straight up oil’.. In Uncle Bens wok.. 


Drained off .. Served straight up with chicken and chimchurri.. 

Yummy doodle doooooo!!! 


The last supper with that now well worn in chicken was an Oscar winning role.. 

First fried romano peppers and white onion with ghourmet sabzi herbs., they smell awesome! 


Then adding canned spinach ( perfectly wonderful in canned form.. Think Popeye right?)..  (And not the fried chicken store!!).. 

More of those Lebanese herbs.. Chicken stock and Turkish pepper.. 


There are green olives that have been marinated in chimchurri added too..I don’t often like cooked olives.. Yet in a dish like this they add a really great food note to the dish.. Makes you feel very happy.. 

A simple salad of tomatoes and onions.. Punched up with.. Oil, vinegar and Arabic salad seasonings.. 


Potatoes too! Scottish ones from Perthshire .. Really earthy tasting these.  Simply boiled in their skins and added to seasoned butter and olive oil.  A hand of chopped welsh chives from the garden too.. 


Truly great eating! 


Oh the yoghurt is Lebanese yoghurt with rose harrisa, garlic shoots and olive oil., wonderful! 


The bread is paper thin lavash bread.. It’s good yet I really gotta get back to making it instead! 


So there you go.. Chicken thrice.. (It was actually four.. The daags had another chicken rice and veg supper outta it too.. ).. So ONE chicken EIGHT meals!!! Woweee huh? !!!👏👏✌






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  1. Hells yes hombre. I really need to get myself a crinkle cutter!!

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