Easy injun meet Mr Singh

I came across this product as we were shopping in a store we don’t often go to ..like once/twice a year max!).. 

So a nice meander through the pretty aisles brought me to this product.. I am a sucker for packaging.. And the simpleness of this caught me plus the fact it was called Punjabi pesto..hmmm

Well with some white onion chopped and cooked down.. Some yellow ticket neck of lamb defrosted, chopped and added.. 


Water added also to loosen.. And a good thawack of canned spinach.. ( it needs eating !).. Plus the leftover spuds form the fridge.. And of course a couple dollops of French butter..


I have to say it’s tastes great at this stage.. It’s not hot .. Like spicy chilli hot.. It’s just very flavoursome .. Very nice.. 

To go with? A Dahl .. Now.. I have a slight issue with most lentil based dahls.. And will explain one day.. Yet for now let’s continue!! 

After that amazing makhani Dahl we had in ajman UAE. It has been cooked all night on low coals.. This ain’t gonna get there.. A quick back and forth tweet to the head chef of that great food experience .. @indian_barbeque


We mutually decided that adding Lebanese yoghurt and French butter would fit it.. And yip ! It certainly did.. 



For a canned product it’s just become a winner!!


And bread of course! No yeast flatbread.. Just water and flour.. Mixed to a dough .. Popped in the fridge for a while.. Then balled and rolled out.. 


Mrs Fitz had to come sit in the kitchen now so no more adding butter.. Humph! 

We both agreed that the food was delicious.. Simple, honest tasting.. (Perhaps a little too ‘lamby’ for Mrs Fitz).. (For me? Scrumptious !!💐).. 


Thanks Mr Singh for the Punjabi pesto idea.. And thanks for making the ingredients very easy to read.. Ahem…. 😜 





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  1. hmmmm that looks fabulous! there is no such thing as too lamby in my book! Sorry Mrs. Fitz! It’s funny, when my husband walks in to the kitchen, I have to hide butter too!!!

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