Sausages, bangers, snags, links..

whatever you call ’em.. Sausages (for the porpoise of this!).. Are fantastic! And to make them even better.. This ensures that you are getting not only excellent value for cashola yet also a sausage with honesty and provenance .. How cool is that? 

Now I like making sausages as you will see from here..

Yet this post is all about this outing right? 

Start with the best pork you can.. Buying red ticket and saving it up in the freezer works well.. Make sure if it’s leg then you add some belly.. You do need fat in a sausage .. Yet at least this way you know the type of fat that’s getting involved!


This is shoulder.. Mixed up with some leg.. 


And cooked roasted bacon.. Yeah bacon.. 


It needs mincing the coarseness is up to you.. I like them quite fine at the moment.. So once gone through the middle of the three mincer attachments and the addition of rusk and seasonings.. It’s passed through the smallest holed attachment I have.. 


The seasonings are up to you.. You can get as funked up as you like.. I do suggest though that going easy works best! I have tried some pretty trance ones.. And there is always a reason why sometimes there is no world first!!

An essential thing is water.. Or wine.. Wine needs water adding though.  The water is water binds it all together and makes the bang in the banger .. Too much water and they will explode when cooking! 

And the amount of ‘additions’? Check out the back of your fave sausages brands.. Anything from 65% up works well.. You see many sausages now offering 97+ meat .. (Remember the honesty in calling things meat!).. I think that’s a little too high.. The good ol 80/20 rule works well.. Or even just a little.. 

Once you have decided and squished it up .. 


It’s onto the stuffing.. I have various bits of equipment for this yet the tool of choice this time around is the attachment for the processor.. 


The skins are real pig.. Hand harvested by my butchers pal.. They are good indeed.. Keep them in salt if you don’t plan on using them all straight away.. Lamb ones make for great smaller sausages.. And have that pleasing ‘snap!,.. Collagen ones I find are really too much hassle.. Great as they store ambient yet not very nice in a regular banger.. Once threaded into the nozzle.. Feed the meat through.. 


Keep on going.. Till you have a pile of them!! 


This is the stage where you realise that there really isn’t any need to buy another sausage again!  

Link em by twisting and folding.. To the size you want. Or rings or foot longs or minis.. Anything! 


As I don’t own an extra long fridge.. Hanging them off the cupboards works well ! 

Sausages need to ‘bloom’ for a while. They literally grow. Into their casings.. 


Overnight in a bowl on the fridge will do.. Or if smoking them you could do that straight from linking.. 

Now the eating .. Hmm well.. 

Sausage rolls perhaps? 

Store bought pastry.  Sausages slipped out of the casings ( yeah I know! After all that effort huh??).. 


Rolled, cut and egg washed.. 


Into a hot oven till risen.. 


Delicious served up with baked beans! 


Great snack.. !!

Or just cook em up Keith Richards style.. 



Just eaten with a dollop of tommy K.. Yummy indeedee rooneee.. 


Really do try making them.. It’s a good thing to do.. You get lots.. Great for trades .. Or gifts!!  






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10 replies

  1. Nicely done, you look right at home making sausages! Thanks for sharing with FF#65.

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  2. Great tutorial on making sausage. You are right that you could get the flavors you enjoy by making them yourself. I’ll give it a try one of these days (inject bravery here).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I like your styles. Natural casings all the way for me. I really do love that pop!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This sounds so great and tasty. Thank you for being here at FF, Mr. Fritz. Have a nice weekend & happy FF. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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