Rose harrisa chicken & pancetta veg rice

A look in our cupboards has revealed an overstocking of certain things.. One of them being rose harrisa .. Love thing that.. It lacks the punch of the North African one we normally have in the tube.. You know the one? 

This jar (yup a whole jar.. ).. Will be paired up with chicken thighs.. Slashed and rubbed in..


Looks great huh? 

And what better way to cook it than on fire!! 


Chicken really does taste best when cooked over fire.. Is it a primitive thing? 

Anyhooo.. I got given some great pancetta from a pal who smuggled it back from a recent trip to family in Italy.. 


Some mixed veg.. (Normally reserved for the hounds suppers!).. Fried up from frozen with pimped Mrs Middletons roscoff garlic oil.. The pancetta cut down small..  

Brown rice and wild rice added.. Fried up.. Chicken off the fire.. All squeezed over with lemon juice and chopped coriander.. 


A seriously stunning number!! 



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  1. Seriously stunning and that pancetta was gorgeous! You’ve got the right kind of friends.


  2. Seriously!!!Stunning…

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