Pulled pork with bubble & squeak

with pulled pork abound it had to be eaten again for supper.. 

All yellow ticket items are going into this bubble and squeak.. You gotta love bubble and squeak.. It’s great! And ok better if using leftovers yet still very cool if ‘ fresh’ .. 


There’s all the kit and kaboodle.. 

Boiled up with some seasonings.. 


Small amount of water and lid on.. The steaming is the best route here.. 

The bacon lardons crisped up.. Added the ready made mash too.. 


Made into patties and floured.. 


Into the fridge to firm up a bit.. 

Fried off.. 

And served up with the yellow ticket salad too! ( of course pumped up with fun tasty things..).. 


And of course a good dollop of chimchurri.. Yummy doodle do!!! 



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4 replies

  1. I’ve never heard of bubble and squeak but if it’s pulled pork, I am a fan!


  2. I love bubble and squeals sorry squeak haha


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