Old school food (not educational)..

This is old school food.. Sometimes there just ain’t no school like old school..

Why whoop this up?

To pass onto Grandfather Fitz.. Mama is going up to spend a little time with him so food gifts are the best gifts..

Also to pass onto the hounds sitter as are off to eire for the weekend..

So what is this old school number?

Smoked ham hock, with carrots , some of my old pal Jack Taylor’s spuds .. (I think he will be happy looking down from the heavens at this cracking dish..).. Onions and watercress stalks.. Bristol blend pepper as the only seasoning.. And a splosh of milk..

That’s it.. Really that’s it..

Food like this just makes me happy..

For starters get a great free range locally smoked ham hock. If you struggle to lay your hands on one then a ham bone with meat would work also..

Add this into the big creseut with onions..


Then the onions and the spuds .


Top up with water and screwings of Bristol blend pepper..

Into the oven at 170 degrees real money…

This needs at least three hours, at two hours take it out and add the watercress stalks.. Not actually a necessity I just had some in the fridge..

They were left over from this cracking sandwich of roast beef, horseradish and john hurds watercress..


The veggies keep their shape despite the time taken..


An hour and a bit later.. Turn the oven off leave the lid slightly ajar.. And go to bed .. ( not really needed just the way it happened!)..

It will look like this..


Take out the hock.. Skin it and shred the meat..


Splosh the milk in and add the ham back.. I find that chopping the the veg up a little with a spoon makes it nicer..


When reduced a little.. It thickens with some of the broken spuds.. Carton it up ready for the gifts


(Of course reserving a bowlful or two to taste all your efforts!!)

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4 replies

  1. Great recipe especially as you could freeze individual portions too….I just did the same with a leftover smoked ham from Thanksgiving and am about to have the soup for dinner tonight….

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  2. Great comfort food! Initially I though you were implying that they served this food in your old school refectory, in which case I was going to say how fortunate you were as our school food was rubbish!

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