Three minute stock cooked Real suet dumplings.. 3 minutes.. Really really .. 

i scored a pice of great fat.. Suet fat comes from near the organs. It’s a strange thing to work with .. A bit ‘icky’ as you have this strange see through like plasticy paper type stuff around it.. Just bits of it.. Like that’s what held that fat to keep it while it grew.. A bit weird really.. In fact very strange.. I understand why most people like to get suet in a block or pre shredded. I tell you though really don’t bother with that veg suet.. It’s very very bad for you.. Really is.. Ok.. Some may argue that this ain’t much better.. Well I think it is.. Just don’t eat that much of it! 


So I have plenty here.. And shredded it all.. I must say Mr Wentworth was rather partial to snuffling up the bits that got ‘dropped’ accidentally .. Ahem..


Mixed with double the weight of self raising flour.. A pinch of salt and a splash of water.. Just to form a rough dough.. 

Good organic stock boullion mixed with kettle hot water.. Into a glass dish.. And little pieces of the dough dropped in..


Covered with cling film.. And nuked.. For.. What do ya reckon?  

You got it..

Three minutes on highest power 


Oh my goodness!! These are the doughy-nutz!! 

Light and fluffy clouds of tastyness.. 

In just three minutes.. 

Three minutes.. Sheesh.. This is a game changer for sure! 

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  1. Thank you so much for directing me here Mr. Fitz, and thanks for stopping by my humble musings re: Suet
    Perhaps together we can change the world 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Stay hungry friend 🙂

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  2. I am forced to make my own suet because it is so difficult to find any in the shops. Your dumplings look excellent!

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  3. I’ve never worked with suet before but these dumplings look delicious!

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