Welsh Shepherds pie with three veg mash & purple sprouting broccoli spears -welcome to comfort food! 

Let’s start with that constant reminder.. Shepherds pie is with lamb or sheep.. Cottage pie is with beef .. Any other mix is like hmm .. New build pie? Perhaps? Dunno.. Anyhow let’s not focus there right now. Let’s look here!

Heritage carrots and brown onion fried off. 


The leftover lamb leg.. Chopped and added to the pan.. This is a good opportunity to check through for ‘grizzly’ bits.. Although gotta say with this great welsh lamb there really ain’t much to go on..

They all get introduced and it’s a good time to just let the lamb catch a little in the pan.. 


Adding the Pan juice gravy left over from Sunday too.. (Think gravy plus a little mint sauce here).. 

Get the veggies.. Great way of eating more veggies this.. 


Peeled, chopped, boiled,, and mashed into this amount of jersey butter.. (There’s another reason why this dish is so comforting huh! 😏


Now I decided to pop it into these foil containers .. Because I think it’s  funny.. And better than a big dish.. 


Some great new season purple sprouting broccoli steamed up.. Placing the supper plates ontop to warm.. 

The shepherds pies in the oven to warm through and crisp up.  

Some of that great buttermilk bread ..

And here we have it.. Cmon autumn!! 





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  1. Mr Fitz, it’s so nice to see how a “proper” Shepherd’s Pie should be! :}

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  2. It always makes me laugh when people refer to shepherds pie and then use ground beef. The clue is in the name – ‘shep-herd’. LOL 🙂

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