Leftover curry paratha / stuffed flatbreads 

What to do with that leftover curry from the other day ?

Turn them into something else of course! That’s the best thing with leftovers .. You get to turn them into new things! 

And what nicer than a stuffed flatbread? These make superb brunches breakfasts and snacks! ( suppers too I guess?).. 

I love a paratha.. Mrs Fitz does too.. 

So a simple roti/chappati mix made by adding water to atta flour.. It’s that easy! Mix and knead.. 

Then let the dough ready just a bit.. It goes silky when you do that., 

Then roll out into rounds.. Am ‘cheating’ a bit here by rolling out two flatbreads then spooning the mashed up mix on the top.  Putting another flatbread atop and then rolling it all together.  

Then cooking on the iron flat pan.  

Rubbing super dooper smuggled Dutch ghee on them and flipping once more., you want those burny bits.. Keep repeating and then wrap in foil.. This carry a the cooking process and also makes em lovely and soft! 


And then?

Add the left over mutton curry in the middle and wrap em up tight in clingwrap..

  These make a perfect snackarooni.. Just get Chef Ping to hot it up.. A couple minutes max.. 

Great leftovers number! 

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5 replies

  1. These look INCREDIBLE. I love parathas, naan, roti… all of the flatbreads! Would love to try this idea of stuffing them. So yum. Great post!

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  2. This is definitely a great comfort food!

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  3. Leftovers are like having spare money in the bank. I bet these were delicious.

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