Porky ear treats For beautiful bassets 

These are Mr Wentworth & Cora murleys favourite snacks.. And they will be playing with their friends over the weekend so they can give them a few too! 

I hate giving my bestest animal friends those additive loaded who knows what is really in them treats.. A treat? those kinda things are no treat I tell you! 

Surely its better to give them something honest?? 

(These are also human grade so adding a little oil and salt would make an excellent beer snack..) 

First start with the ears.. Fresh, free range and local(ish).. 


Chop em up.. 


Until you get a bunch.. Now at this stage you could salt and oil them.. 

I am keeping them a little chewier for the hounds and their buddies this time around.. 


So no oil nor salt..  Put into the racks.. If you have any kind of oven OCD look away now! 

That’s straight into the oven bars.. Two sets.. The oven onto 150 (real money).  For an hour then down to 80 for two and a half.. 

They will dry out yet not too much.  Remaining chewy rather than crunchy.. 


A quick taste test by Cora Murley seems to have gone down well! 


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  1. ewe ewe ewe is all i can say!!!!!

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