Chicken wings .. With franks of course! & slaw & chimchurri spuds.. 

Chicken wings.. Yeah.. 👍✌️👏🙏👌

Love em.. The best part of the chuck if you ask me.. 

Sure there are some really bad examples to be found.. So making them yerself is the only way ( perhaps).. 

First lets get summat clear.. I the UK we are currently having a chicken problem.. A big problem.. Supermarkets have been not quite that cool.. We have a massive food poisoning issue.. It’s gonna get worse for sure.. Yet some of the supermarkets have been better.. And that’s where I picked up these.. 


A fair price for a fairly well treated, packed and stored product .. 

Now wings for me just have to be fried.. You need that crisp that you just cannot get by baking.. Or grilling.. I swear it.. 

Slash them up so that not only do they cook quicker yet also so they take that seasoned coating in knarly bits.. 

Dust them in a seasoning very close to that colonels secret.. ( the google gods will assist here!).. 


Then adding some spicy Caribbean chicken fry powder.. 


Before frying in Mrs Middletons golden rapeseed oil.. 


In batches and cooling on a rack 


Crispy chickeny greatness!

Served up with a quick slaw with ranch.. And some chimichurri baby potatoes .. 


Hang on! 

What about the Franks sauce huh? 

It’s cool.. I bought enough wings..

Tasty as ……..


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