Pork and bacon old Irish recipe sausages..Homemade of course !

sausage making time again.. 

Things to think about so nothing more therapeutic than making sausages.. Some bake.. Others meditate.. I make sausages.. 

Mmmm sosss-aaahhh-jezzz..

Taking good free range red ticket pork..mushing it up.. With chopped unsmoked streaky bacon.. Adding the secret old fashioned Irish seasonings .. Some rusk and water .. ( no water no bang in the bangers.. Simples..).


I got some very good lamb casings.. I really like using lamb casings.. A great snap to the finished product .they are delicate to use.. And a hand cranker is a much better option.. 


Strung up on the kitchen cabinets of course! 


The best thing about making your own sausages is that not only do you get to know exactly what’s in them.. You also get immense satisfaction from making them in my book.. And this is my ‘virtual’ Book I guess! Hahahah

Fried up with some mushrooms and a couple of eggs.. 


And breakfast is served.. 


  With great French bread toasts.. And real butter of course!

And still plenty left.. 

Did I get to think about what I needed to think about? 

Yeah.. It’s all cool.. 😉


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  1. We just got a mincer and sausage maker for our new kitchen (when it’s built!) and can’t wait to make our own sausages. How secret are these Irish sausage spices of yours?

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