Picanha steak supper With pea shoot potatoes 

a great cut this.. It’s gaining popularity.. Basically it’s the top muscle of the rump.. You can see the seam in a whole piece.. 

And when on a red ticket!! Well!!! 


Fried off..


And into a hot oven for about thirty minutes..


Lovely huh? 

To go with? 

A bag of red ticket leaves.. Chopped and added to boiled leetle potatoes..


Butter and seasonings of course..

Plus some peas.. And some yorkshires.. Frozen yet hey why not sometimes?


Piled into the yorkies it’s a great supper! ( with a drop of horseradish )



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8 replies

  1. Is this like a flat iron cut? I’m having trouble recognizing it. It’s funny how different countries have differents cuts and names! Gorgeous meal!!!

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  2. Even before I read who posts these posts I know it’s a Fitz’ recipe – amazing isnt it? you must be so unique!


  3. Look at that effing yorkie!!! You are off the hook 😁

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  4. Never heard of that cut before, have had rump roast but never steak. Looks delicious.

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