Middle Eastern inspired lamb

With a shoulder of lamb that needed cooking we turned to flavours of the East.. Thinking sweetness and sourness with some heat and lip smackingness.. 


Pomegranate sauce over the slashed shoulder.. Urfar pepper, coriander and herbamare salt.. Mrs middletons pimped rosciff garlic oil and Mrs middletons pimped Italian chilli oil .. 

Cooked at 150 for three and a half hours.. 


It smells the biz! 


Once shredded up adding tomato and harrisa paste..  
Now this needs some accompaniments .. 

Flat bread of course! Remember same weight of plain flour to natural yoghurt.. Whoozed up in the processor   With Nigella seeds, dried fenugreek , Urfa pepper and a good pinch of Himalayan pink salt.. 

Cooked on the iron plate.. 


And more of course! Morrocan carrots.. (That deserves a separate post! ).. A raita  from Greek yoghurt, Patagonian purple garlic, ridged red ticket cucumber , garden mint and maldon salt.. 

French breakfast radishes .. (Love them!).. Purple cos leaves.. 

Some great organic kasbah olives.. 

And this tomato .. 

How cool is that? 

And some cauliflower fritters.. In a tempura batter.. They too will get another post.. 

Also some pink onion with a little sugar, salt and sherry vinegar to give them a super taste!

Some beetroot in cumin and pomegranate , store bought yet yummy!


A great spread.. Superb tastes of far away places.. Yet all in the the kitchen on a rainy day.. Brilliant!


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  1. Looks fab, putting me in the mood for some slow cooked lamb!!

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