Chimichurri chimchurri chimmmmmchhhuuurrriiiii

Love it.. 

It just cheers you up as Mrs Fitz says.. 

Am sure there are many variants to it.. Yet this is today’s one.. 

Parsley, oregano, coriander.. All in unequal portions.. A smack of garlic some salt and a sprinkling of Mexican oregano .. That stuff is addictive! 


And some tasty Mexican chillis.. 

All whizzed up with red wine vinegar and olive oil.. 

Till its done.. 


It’s a beautiful thing..


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8 replies

  1. It IS a beautiful thing and also one of my favorite condiments! Cheers

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  2. Chimichurri is delicious indeed, goes with a lot of things and brings so much flavor. Thanks for sharing with FF!

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  3. It is a lovely sauce. I could practically top ice cream with it!!!

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  4. I am totally with you on that. So good!

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  5. I agree chimichurri is a beautiful thing on everything 🙂

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