Mrs Fitz Chicken biryani 

she is still at it Mrs Fitz.. 

Cooking up a storm! 


Mrs Fitz likes cooking precise.. 

So there’s all the ingredients .. 

Cooked up. 


It’s stunning!! 


It would be delicious right there with breads.. Yet this is a determined Mrs Fitz! ( and don’t try stopping her when she has made up her mind I tell ta!)..

Adding the part cooked rice and using some of the amazing wild saffron Father smuggled back from Morocco for us.. 


Into the slow cooker.. Again the kitchen filling up with delicious scents of far away places!!! 

To go with? 

Stuffed parathas.. ( stuffed flatbreads).. 

Left over jersey royals.. With some French peas .. A chopped shallot some ginger and garlic paste .. With some curry spices.. 


Ooh sorry !! 

The dough was just water and atta flour.. Kneaded and rested .. 


Rolled then a ball of the mix .. Then folded in.. And pressed lightly ..cooked on the iron pan.. 


This one wasn’t the best looker..  Yet fast as…… ( ahem)… 
All put together it’s lovely.. 


Another winner from Mrs Fitz !!  

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9 replies

  1. I LOVE Biryani and this looks absolutely Delish!

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  2. You and Mrs. are the King and Queen of breads and potatoes. I am dying over here across the pond.

    Liked by 1 person

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