Meh-hih-can supper

ok.. Sorry.. Sorry to all those that mailed me asking where my Mexican dish was for cinco de mayo.. Well here it is! 

Having that great hamper of Mexican goodies from my attorney is a great help here! ( thanks again! )


I really am not too sure what to do with most of it! We will get there.. So this began.. A great bit of red ticket brisket .. Popped on top of sliced red onion.. And the mulato chilli.. Some other seasonings of course! 

Into the oven for 3.5 hrs.. Covered and at 150 degrees real money.. 

Cooled overnight.. 


Taken out and shredded real easy between two forks.. 


The sauce boiled down with a good shake of chipotle cholula and sprinkles of Mexican oregano..


Boiled down and added back into the shredded meat.. I have to tell ta its punchy and ‘ mexicany’ 🙏

All served up with spring onions, sour cream with garden chives, tomatoes with garden coriander, chopped jalapeños , chopped cucumber, cod lettuce , Valentina sauce , red jalapeño sauce and of course chimichurri! 


Yes you are right.. 

Those taco shells are store bought.. 


All together though it’s lovely! 


We thoroughly enjoyed our interpretation of the festival! 

For pudding? 

Strawberrys, fat Spanish blue berries, double cream and meringues.. 


Happy cinco de mayo!!! 


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