Making a pigs ear outta it! 

Well not quite right really.. 

It started. With these heads.. ( they already had ears!)..


I got the ears… As a gift.. 


Chopped em up.. ( you gotta get over yourself a little to chop em up!).. 


Onto the racks after rubbing them with salt and Mrs middletons fantastic rapeseed oil.. 


Cooked for almost three hours at 150 real money degrees ..

They smell amazing if you like that kinda thing! 

Left to cool a good while.. Ok I admit to having a sneaky piece.. Ooh my my my! Crunchy porky greatness!! 


These are actually for the hounds.. 

And man! They love em! 


That will keep them in porky crunchy treats for a darn good while… 

And even perhaps me.. Ahem cough cough… 



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14 replies

  1. I would finish those before the dogs got a look in 🙂

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  2. Oh my dog would love that!!! Not something I have ever tried….

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  3. Oh wow. I’ve never tried eating the meat from the pigs heads before, but I’ve seen it done lots of times on Chopped lol Actually, I’m sure that the pigs ears taste great- my grandma’s family in Missisippi used to cook the cheeks like bacon, then use the whole rest of the head to make hogs head cheese, so I know it is do-able. Nice post 🙂

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  4. And what did you do with all those heads?

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  5. :I) – porky crunchy treats!

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  6. not many likes on this one I see ….I have a lot of photos of animals and fish at markets in India and fish heads in iceland – not a nice reality at all – but good to eat the whole animal if one is going to eat meat – so good on you

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  7. Dogs only !

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