Pulled brisket Taco night 

I recall that I think it’s Sweden that has taco night on a Friday?? Am I right? A strange place to be mad about the taco I think? Still why the devil not huh? 😈

Well we still got that wonderful ‘pulled’ brisket.. And a few taco shells.. Need a little sumat else though.. 

So a veg rice thang ( as Mrs Fitz won’t let me add the Hungarian or Spanish chorizo thingy..).. 

Veggies into the pan and that addictive  Mexican oregano plus other bits..


All annointed with pimped Mrs middletons roscoff garlic oil.. I started that a couple years back and it’s happening indeed! 

Adding brown and wild rice from the Tilda family..


A a good smudge of English butter.. 


With a full compliment of toms with jalapeños and garden coriander , sour cream. Chimichurri of course! Cucumber.. Spring onions and other bits.. Other bits? 


Padron peppers .. Fried off in Spanish olive oil.. Love these! 


Padrons Rock! Look out for that donkey kick’ though.. 

( didn’t happen this time)..

Yet piled up into the shells.. 


That’s us ‘chinkin’ our tacos!! 

Love taco night !! Gods bless those Nordics!   


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8 replies

  1. What a great invention, this Friday taco night! We tend to have a review of the week’s highlights, too – better serve them up in taco shells, I suppose!

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  2. This looks delicious! Happy FF, Mr. Fritz and enjoy your weekend. 🙂

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  3. Love your leftovers posts. These tacos look delish 😉

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  4. aha surprise surprise – it’s a pulled brisket Fitz’post – looks yummy as always..

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