Mexican chorizo

So how does this start? 

It started with a gift from my attorney. A hamper filled with Mexican goodies! 


Which was pretty cool I reckon! 

Yet where to start? 

Start where you begin.. 

Decided on Mexican chorizo .. What makes it Mexican? The spices and herbs.. 

First grind up the meat.. Belly pork in this case .. 

Adding the bits of the above.. And some pink food colouring ( just diluted beetroot juice really!).. 


And some sherry vinegar for punch.


Once all ground up.. Hand cranked as the electric one is playing up.. 

Into hog casings.. 


Left to bloom over night then pan fried Keith Richards style.. 


I took em a little too far really.. 


They were super tasty yet a little dry..

Will work on that.. Next Mexican thing will be tamales I reckon! 


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3 replies

  1. Can we have tamales stuffed with chorizo please 🙂

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  2. I quite like your attorney! Not sure what Keith Richards style is but from the look of that chorizo, I would love this! Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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