Mrs Fitz mutton curry

mrs Fitz doesn’t get to do much of the cooking round here.. Yet when she does it’s always a winner.. I think perhaps because she is pretty precise and won’t go off the tracks! 

Take the spices for this mutton curry for instance.. 


Everything weighed out and ready. None of your just add a dash or a handful here! 

Spices ground up.. 


Mutton fried off with the spices.. 


Tomatoes , ginger, garlic and water added.. Cooked till it does what it looks like on the spoon above.. 
Then into the slo-cooker on low for 9 hours.. Turned off and left .. Then back on high to reheat and thicken.. This is shoulder of mutton so it needs/can take it! 

To go with? 

A slap dash veg curry whooped up by me.. Onion garlic ginger carrots peas mushrooms, spices, and Greek yoghurt.. 


I know the yoghurt doesn’t make it look that good.. Yet tasty? For sure! 

And breads .. But of course! 

Equal weight of gold atta flour and  Greek yoghurt, and a pinchette of flaked salt.. 


Whizzed up in the processor as it really is the easiest way! 

No need to wait for this to prove itself ..

Into balls.. Rolled out  onto the hot iron pan.. 

Keep going till you have more than enough.. Kept in a clean towel to keep warm.  

All served up.. 

With some brown basmati.. 

That mutton curry was easily the star of the show!! 

And for pudding? 

Meringue with raspberry and cream.. 


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7 replies

  1. My my! Looks like you guys really had a feast going. I always am a fan of Mrs.Fitz’s flat breads. Total hit👍☺

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  2. Yum, that looks great. I’ve never cooked mutton. Are your breads really only flour and yoghurt? Fancy having a go!

    Liked by 1 person

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