Quick chicken curry/sweet & sour and duck beansprout rice

quick supper.. Quick post.. 

Fried off red ticket chicken breast .. In Mrs middletons pimped roscoff garlic oil.. ( that stuff is the business). And some red chillies ..


Splitting into two lots .. ( four actually yet never mind!)., adding a jar of curry sauce and some frozen peas to one.. And a jar of uncle bens sweet and sour to the other.. 

Into these groovy foil dishes.. 


With the tops on they go into the oven for twenty minutes to finish cooking.. And you get to feel like you are having a takeout.. Ahem.. 

The left over duck added to brown rice and on my attorneys advice a can of bean sprouts.. 


Some spring onions for crunch and a flavour bite.. 

Now ok.. This ain’t pretty yet I tell ya it was delicious! 

Great cupboard food.. 

Great.. ✌️


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  1. Pimped means something entirely different here, but it made me smile to be sure!

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