Chinese Roast duck & chips

ok .. So it’s a bit ‘cheaty’ using one of those half prepped ducks.. 


Yet they are quite nice.  Sure then need a little pimping up. .. Some additions of this and that.. Yet when cooked and shredded they are pretty tasty .. 


The chips? Anointed with wok oil and a shakey shake of herbs and cooked in the oven.  It’s on for the duck so why not make this a super easy supper? 

Of course you gotta have pancakes .. Hoisin and spring onion with cucumberz.. 


And that’s a wrap! Hehehhe .. 👍 

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  1. I wish I could get half prepped duck. The US are a nation of not-very-often-duck-eaters and the only duck I can find is a whole frozen one. Still, it’s so worth it for a ducking delicious end result 😉

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