Use up fridge foods , with puffy breads

Sometimes due to a build up of cooking. Or perhaps being overly hoarding.. (Ahem..).. 

We end up with things that ‘need eating’.. Am sure it happens to everyone.. It’s no biggie.. It’s kinda cool sometimes.. 

This supper was one of those times.. Chicken and rice left over .. Some chimichurri marinated cooked steaks..(snipped up to change the texture..). 

Some red ticket salad.. A yellow ticket pot of salsa left over from some dips and chips.. You get the picture right? 

Well to help cheer up everything..  Although trust me this is good eating already! 

A ‘sauce’ of Greek yoghurt, wild garlic from the garden and mint from the garden.. Some maldon salt and a squeeze of limon .. 


Very nice indeed! 

Yet the star of this episode has to be the puffy breads.. 

Equal weight of self raising flour to natural yoghurt. (Went Greek again yet no real need).. 

A a smudge of baking powder.. 

All whizzed up.. 


Sure you can do it by hand yet this does make light work of the dough.. It takes a while to come together.. 

Then no resting time required! 

Roll out kinda thin like you were going to pop them into an iron pan.. Instead they go into uncle bens wok.. 



Now keep going till you get a stack like this.. 

   Are they oily? 
Nope not at all! No grease on the fingers.. 

Chef ping dealt with the hotting up of the steak and chicken and rice.. 


All piled into those great puffys.. 

Lovely 👍👏👌✌️👊


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10 replies

  1. Ha, total rockstar!!! From fridge to flat-bread to face!!

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  2. Bravo my good man. Bravo. I love a good leftovers dinner 👍

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  3. self rising flour? i need some!!!

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