Boneless chicken drumstix

i heard about this ages ago.. And suddenly remembered about it again.. 

Bone removed chicken drumsticks.. 


Yup.. Bone removed chicken drumsticks. 

A quick look at the Internet showed me a few ways of doing this.. 

I choose one.. Now it’s a wee bit fiddly so difficult to exactly show how..


Basically it’s about putting your thumb into the top of the drumstick and wiggling and twisting exposing the bone.. 

Then a quick thwack of the cleaver to clean cut the bone .. The dogs got the bones. Am sure they would have made good stock..

Hmm can I write this any other way? Possibly yet I hope you get the point.. 

So having wrestled these ..


And deciding that pushing them down and adding jerk paste to them.. 


And then popping them back to look like the drumstick again.. 


Am hoping that the flavours come through the meat.. Better than smearing the skin.. 


Cooked on the bars of the oven.. Ovened then grill , (just because!).. 
They shrank down a bit.. I guess the bone holds them together? Must work on that bit.. 

To go with? 

Brown rice with red ticket French lentils.. And fried white onion..

Stunning ! 

Seriously stunning..👏👍✌️👊👌😘

Too healthy? 

Nah.. Fried chilli in butter.. 


With the chicken atop and some coriander and a squeeze of lemon.. Super supper!  
For pudding ?


A few hazelnuts .. I like hazlenuts..  

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14 replies

  1. Hells yes. Great combo, sexy chicken, where was my invite?? 😜

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  2. That’s quite a neat job. It looks like the bone is still there. deliciously tempting meal this looks!

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  3. I’ve been seeing so many more recipes for boneless chicken. I love the flavor of the bone but this dish doesn’t look like they were missed at all. Especially by the pups!

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  4. The surgeon in me thinks you could have chosen surgery as a career Mr Fritz. Doing bone surgery sounds rather like your descriptive text…..but then I’d probably ask the butcher to do the fiddling for me. Sounded delish!

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