Elderflower champagne part one

ok.. So it’s time to make the elderflower champagne again.. With the hedges in the process of being cut its a race against the machines! 

Picking the eldeflowers.. 


Chopping lemons.. 


Adding the lemon into the water.. With two tablespoons of white wine vinegar in each container.. ( 5 litres approx..)

Plus the sugar .. 750 grams per containers..


Stuffing it all in.. 


Then the elderflowers stuffed in also..


Adding a few grams of sparkling wine yeast.. 


Lids kinda on.. Hidden behind the dining room table.. Shhhhh don’t tell Mrs Fitz!  
They will take three days.. Then get re-bottled .. Then should be ready in a further nine days.. Although will keep a good while.. 

Let’s hope for no big bangs this year! 

( search elderflower in the search box on cookingwithmrfitz.com)… Ahem… 



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  1. First things, first. Is that a palm tree in your backyard??? The elderflower champers sound amazing! On the next plane…

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  2. Wow. I’m so excited for the outcome!!!


  3. Not, even bloody spell check


  4. There fecking better now be ! ! !



  1. Elderflower champers part two!  | Cooking with Mr Fitz

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