Tempting tempura Vegan/veggie recipe

tempura is one of those lovely delights.. Need to be eaten real quick , hot and fresh straight outta the oil. ( well not quite yet you get the point right?)..😉

Now tempuaring (yes that is a real word!).. Is pretty simple.. And of course you can use anything you like.. Fish I hear is particularly fine.. These are veggie ones.. Vegan in fact! 

 Potatoes, spring onions ,yellow and orange Romano peppers.. Into the tempura batter.. Now just a quick one in that.. Buying tempura batter is best.. I prefer the blue dragon brand ..Cold water to mix.. Sparkly if you fancy it.. 

Dip each set of veggies to coat.. Then into piping hot Mrs middletons oil.. 


Frying till golden for the spuds.. And a little lighter for the others.. 


Draining on ikeabrown paper and salting a little.. 


Starting with the potatoes means that it all stays crisp while you fry out the other bits.. 


Served up with a great sauce.. Following the chimichurri staple of parsley , coriander, Mexican oregano, purple garlic, red wine vinegar and good olive oil..yet also adding capers and sundries tomatoes.. 

Whizzing it up.. 


It’s so delicious!! So so SO!! Delicious.. 


Tempura is cool..  

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  1. Great tempura recipe, this looks great!

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