Sausage making -Cumberland seasoned

need to think about some stuff .. So sausage making is the way forward .. Some bake bread.. Some meditate .. 

I make sausages.. 

Very nice ones too!

These made with a nice piece of Berkshire free range pork.. Hand cranked..


Skins soaking.. They are packed in salt.. (Shoulda soaked them a bit longer.. You’ll see that later).. 

Mixed up with polish breadcrumbs.. Water ( for the bang!).. And Cumberland seasoning .. Was on a FaceTime with Father.. He helped with the maths for the ingredients .. I think I got the proportions a little wrong ( again see outcome!).. My attorney will also laugh at me not quite getting the numbers right.. Ok perhaps not laugh.. A roll of the eyes and a shaking of the chair..  
Still smelt great! 


Then spun into those natural hog skins..


Twisted and tied up.. 

Hung onto the kitchen cupboards.. ( sorry Mrs Fitz).. 

Cooked up a treat.. 


Ahh yes.. This problem.. The thing I was on about?.. 

That ratio meant it was too salty.. Like far too salty.. I tried three of them.. Such a shame.. Must get those numbers right.. Next time will call my attorney.. 

My helpers didn’t wake either.. 


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  1. Shame about the salt… can always cook a small pattie of sausage mice to check seasoning before casing it up…

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  2. Like Like Like Like LIKE!

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  3. where there’s a fitz there’s a sausage eh?

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  4. I just love that you make your own sausages. I never have but should think about it. I often by them and they are either bland or too salty.

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  1. Sunday Sausage making time … | Cooking with Mr Fitz

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