Pigs cheek bacon – guanciale

Pigs cheek bacon

I got first introduced to pigs cheek bacon by my attorney who bought some delicious pigs cheek bacon and mailed it tome along with the suckling pig remember that?

Well my attorneys never turned up the guys messed up the order!!!

I got mine and quite simply devoured it ! Have been thinking about making some for a while now.. So went for it!!

Am told its Italian in origin. And has a name of guanciale , whatever huh ?

So my mate Dave the butcher obligingly cut me two fresh jowles from the piggies head.. I reckon that an older porker may be better for this..

that’s Dave there in the picture I took, he’s a cool butcher !!

I added a smoked dry cure that I bought a while back from the Internet while browsing as you do!!! rubbed it all over as I had a kilo of just over a couple of pounds of good looking fatty meat, so that’s forty grams of smoked cure..

The cure rubbed very well into it in fact I think I’ve cured my hands also!!! Then into Vac pack bags then placed in the fridge, they need to get turned every day and after five days then taken out of the pack and let’s see what happens!

I believe then you are to hang it in us sackcloth in a cold place until dry…

I have the feeling that it won’t last that long!!

Happy Friday Fiesta!!






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20 replies

  1. Now I will have to skin my next wild pig completely. Jowles are intriguing…


  2. Bacon makes the world go round. YUM!


  3. you had me at the word ‘bacon’ 🙂


  4. Didn’t know pis have cheeks big enough to make bacon from. Always learning from you, Mr Fitz! Thanks for coming to the Fiesta!


  5. Wish people were mailing me pig cheek bacon!


  6. Wish we had wild pigs!! I reckon the bigger the jowles the better this would get!! Let me know how you get on


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