T-bone steak lunch with crinkle fries

T-bone steak some say the king of steaks… And to be fair I kinda agree!

what you have to get right is the meat, it always makes me chuckle when I see ‘grass fed reared beef’ !! Sheesh!! Ask any kid what a cow eats and they are gonna tell you it’s grass!!

And these are amazing steaks and cut and aged right I picked the steaks up from the butcher yesterday..

Mrs Fitz love steak so it made the perfect Friday lunch for her as she’s feeling a bit under the weather at the moment.. So what better than one of your favourite meals to make you smile.. X

The steak simply seasoned with maldon soft salt flakes and Bristol blend pepper.. panfried in a hot pan until you like it … mine a little further donethe Mrs Fitz

Yet onto the fries the chips !! some would say the best part of the meal when done right.. I would have to agree.. And none of those frozen rubbish here!!

Crinkle cut them with the crinkle cut implement what a star of all the kitchen gadgets possible..

Taken King Edward potatoes peeled and drained to remove as much starch as you can, then placed in the teatowel to be dried.. heated the oil in the work place crinkly lovely spuds into oil.. Two batches these ones.. not bothering with double fry.. Or three times fry.. Cooling down .. Going again.. Nah not today.,

Put the fries in top oven just to keep warm, having tossed them in seasoning.. meanwhile open a bag of good salad and dress it with good Italian dressing ..,

a simple T-bone steak lunch.. Simply delicious x

And it made Mrs Fitz smile .. Cool x








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  1. I think Delmonico’s are the best 🙂 just my opinion.


  2. Those fries are calling my name!


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