Chimchurri sauce..

It’s my birthday.. I like saying that.. It’s my birthday!!

So first up some Chimchurri sauce .. Because I have some eatings planned for this weekend!!

Chimchurri sauce its roots set out Argentinia way.. Many versions..

This is mine this time around..

Fresh parsley and fresh coriander.. Dried oregano .. French garlic, (don’t bother with that single clove chinese stuff..not good..)..Organic red wine vinegar.. Green spanish olive oil.. A slap of cumin and some maldon sea salt..


All whizzed up in the JO blitzer..


It needs some adjusting with more oil and more vinegar.. And also sweeting with wonderful xylitol ..


That just makes it sing with zing!!

Potted up..


Bring on the eating!!!!

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22 replies

  1. yep love this sauce, love making and love guzzling it

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  2. Happy birthday and a great sauce – but French garlic!? What about the amazing Aussie garlic that’s in season?

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  3. Happy birthday!! Impressive sauce!!

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  4. Happy Birthday, I’m catching up, the chimichurri looks amazing.

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  5. Happy Birthday Captain – have a groovy day, week and month fella!

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  6. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your eating (watch out MK!! 😉) love this sauce, I’ve only tried chimichurri once and it was premade and not very nice so I can now try making my own 😀 thank you, and happy Fiesta Friday!


  7. HBD! Hope it was fabulous! Love chimchurri & LOVE your sauce “pot”.


  8. Chimmichurri is a kick ass start to any birfday! Good shit!
    Happy birfday Mr Fitz. I hope it’s a cracker 🍻👌😁👊

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  9. Happy Birthday, Mr. Fitz! And the sauce looks lovely!

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