Pork schnitzel and Greek basil potatoes

I was due to cook my birthday tomahawk steak on the wonderful wood that my attorney sent me..



Yet after a wonderful lunch of samosa chaat in the badlands..


I took up a residence for the afternoon in the local pub..

Ummm that meant that cooking that wonderful birthday tomahawk wasn’t happening.. (It was dark outside and our outside lights need new bulbs..)..

So what to do?

(Ok so the title of the post gives it away a little.. Bear with me for the ‘theatre’ huh? )..🎬

I was also given a piece of brined loin from a pal as a birthday gift..

Some slices cut off it.

And beaten out thin with some greek basil ..


Into egg then into a mix of those great trad orange breadcrumbs and also some panko..


Fried off in sunflower oil as waiting for the new delivery of Mrs Middletons oil.. Uncle Ben of course helped out here!


The beautiful new ‘dirty’ potatoes .. Steamed and added to an irish buttered dish seasoned well with veg bouillon powder..and also snipped chives and some greek basil.. I love the pinch from that stuff yet be careful as it can overpower real quick..


A delicious dish.. Served of course with some of the weekend stash of Chimchurri..




Bring on the tomahawk..

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9 replies

  1. Looks divine! I’m late but I wish you a late HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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  2. Happy birthday again and another meal that looks yum xx

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  3. Looks delish. Nice to have friends who give brilliant foodie pressies! Where is the Greek basil from?

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  4. That steak looks great, Happy Birthday, love the schnitzel, the whole meal looks really tasty.

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