Chilli sausages

After the replacement part has been sent to me … I was hoping to be back to fully working order.. Yet no good, bah hum bugs x

Gonna have to get back to the supplier and let’s try again.. It makes a real strange noise I tell ya!

So back to the trusty Jamie Oliver’s processor.. Just on the pulse setting.. Wish the mincer was working properly.. Ah we’ll

Pulsed up, added a smoky ( not too smoky) chorizo mix I have from my Scottish pals, supposed to be spicy yet I haven’t noticed that when using it before, so added more chilli and some arribiata mix brought back from Roma ..

Added some herbs and ummmm something else.. And maybe just a little too much water, still that’s what puts the BANG! Into bangers don’t cha know..! X

The mix then chilled prior to stuffing into hog casings.. Trying to use them up as won’t throw them away….

They seem a little soft yet need to let the bloom in the fridge overnight

Pleased to be back in the sausage making game.. Yet NEED the mincer!! Humph…





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