Weird beer cocktail

Forgot to share this with you ..

Dressing bizarre this drink.. Had it at the thermal baths with a pal.. It’s wrong it’s not big not clever.. Trust me.

First the chap rolls the edge of the cup in gloopy red fruity stuff .. Then into chilli salt..


Then they add beer and limon juice.. Soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce.. Chilli sauce and something else..


I suppose it’s like a beery Bloody Mary type affair? Yet I never liked them either!!


Did I try it?



It’s enough to put you off drink forever..

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10 replies

  1. Such a large cup for something so bad.


  2. Maybe the red stuff was tomato that they rolled the cup in. Anyway doesn’t sound very appealing. Looks even worse with the white cup with the red rim.

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