Mr Fitz ‘carnitas’.. Home again

I have arrived back home.. It’s been a long one this trip.. It feels long.. The journey through the hills back into Mexico City was interesting.. A slight possible altercation with some ranchero narco .. We were driving.. On a very quiet back road .. The trailer in front of us suddenly stopped.. Started reversing at us!! Uh-oh!

My driver reached into his back and had his ‘security device’.. In his hand.. Safety off… And started backing the infinity .. Then a small stare-off! His through raybans.. Then he drove around the trailer.. Looking at all angles we then accelerated off!!

Talk about movie worthy!!

A reminder of the other side of this place..!/album/Narco+Corridos/3121872

The markets of Mexico City were buzzing as we drove through.. It’s a great city yet the country is do much nicer.. ( although crackers in places!)..


So after a long flight.. The car ride home.. A crash .. ( me not the car!!)..

It’s time to cook!!!

First take a look at the wonderful things I brought back with me.. Those bags of powder came straight through..


Some may say.. Why bring back flours ? Well I just cannot get them anywhere near me!!

So a dough made with butter and oil, baking powder , warm water & mexican fortified flour.. So silky smooth!

Rolled out and heated on the iron pan..



Then for the carnitas.. Mr Fitz stylee ..

Reduced ticket gammon steaks.. Yup am home !!

Chopped up and dusted in mexican shakey shake thingy of chilli, salt and dried lime.. Wonderful stuff !



I think one thing about the mexican pork dishes.. They are all missing the delights of crispness .. Sure you have chicharones , yet crispy cured pork?.. Yeah yeah yeah…

Roasted off..


A salad made with rocket , salsa, sour cream , valantina smuggled sauce.. Limes and a shakey shake of that powder ..



Looking delicious!!

All served up and enjoyed whilst regaling Mrs Fitz of stories of a far flung place ..


A small piece of chocolate for dessert..


And mexico is now a series of interesting memories.. Politicians, protests, food, people, flora & fauna..



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5 replies

  1. Good to see that you made it back with a tortilla press!


  2. Holy shit. You got all the good stuff. And that’s the salsa picante we get at the local Mexi joint. I love that shit. You have done well, my friend!! 🙂

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