Steak & spuds

(The lead picture is not the steak we are having.. Just to let you know!! )

Sometimes all you want fur supper is something easy peasey.. (Not japaneasey..).. Steak ..

Mrs Fitz loves steak.. I quite like it too.. I think I prefer pigs, sheeps and lambs to be honest yet steak is fine also..

Two nice steaks these.. Red ticket outta the top freezer.. Defrosted the fat trimmed off as a treat for the hounds.. Beaten up a bit with the back of the cleaver .. Just make them thinner to cook quicker.. A bit of seasoning just before going into the pan with mushrooms..



Real quick cooked . Adding the ‘look what we found’ peppercorn sauce.. Not bad that brand.. At least it’s all natural and makes for an easy accompianiant ..


The spuds?

Chef ping took care of those mickeywave boys..

Then added frozen peas, vegetable broth powder and gusto olive oil ..



Crushed up together.. Into patties.. Delicious olive oiley patties..

Heated through..

All put on a plate and eaten..


Nothing to it really.. Just good ol’ steak and spuds..

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  1. I also love steaks…….specially pork…….your platter makes me hungry…… 🙂


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