Bangers Keith Richards stylee & mash , peas and gravy

cooking sausages Keith Richards style (yes that Keith Richards!).. Is really the best way of cooking sausages in my book.. 

Check it out with the google gods.. 

And of course it has to be an excellent banger.. And these ones are superb.. Absolutely NO nasties.. None.. 


Cooked off in an iron pan.  

The mash made up with red skin potatoes ..leaving just one unpeeled for extra flavour.. Chopped and boiled.  Butter and seasoning plus garden chives for a mellow delicate oniony humm.. And some Spanish olive oil to taste 
A gravy made up with @highgrove paste and water.. Adding frozen petit pois also.. 


All piled into a bowl.  

 That’s comfort food right there people.. 

Right there… 


Yeah! 🎯 

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  1. I’m off to google Kieth Richards Bangers. Should I be worried?!!

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  2. This is exactly the meal my mother ate the night before I was born, and it’s my birthday today. Thank you for bringing this to FF, it has happy memories as it was her favorite meal. Ultimate comfort food although we cannot get genuine British bangers.

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  3. I’ve never had a British Banger, but they sure look delicious! We can get them here in the US, but I am sure they are nothing like what you can enjoy there.

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  4. Yumm you are getting me all worked up and excited with the thought of indulging in bangers and mash when I cross the pond next week for a 2 week stay with my family. Can’t wait… It looks great! Nothing can beat British sausages!


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